Andrew Wegrzyn

Andrew Wegrzyn

Vice President & Partnerships Lead, Studio

"I combine macroeconomic analysis, strategy, and the efforts of internal and external stakeholders to develop products and solutions for the economic vitality of individual workers, businesses, and cities."


Macroeconomic Strategy, Design Thinking, Economic Vitality, Labor Mobility, Urban Revitalization, Business Development, Financial Markets, Higher Education


Andrew joined Citi Ventures in 2017 from Citi’s Management Associate leadership development program in the Global Consumer Bank, where he spent the majority of his time on statistical modeling in mortgage and retail portfolios. His career has focused on translating design, analytics, academic insights, and strategy into innovative products and solutions that address complex problems.

Prior to joining Citi, Andrew spent 8 years in academic research. He contributed to projects and publications in areas including MRI neuroimaging in adolescents with autism and epidemiological research in Parkinson’s disease, and devoted 5 years to leading teams in neuro-oncology and genitourinary oncology at the Washington University School of Medicine. In this role, he managed trial portfolios and research teams that helped develop novel cancer treatments including surgical, radiological, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy agents.

Andrew earned a BS from the University of Illinois, an MA from the University of Missouri, and an MBA from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Originally from South Chicago, he currently lives in St. Louis with his wife and 2 children. In his spare time, he can be found on a roof in southeast Kentucky building homes for those in need or working with local childhood development centers and schools in St. Louis to improve the quality of local education.