Jonathan Haggard

Jonathan Haggard

Vice President of Product Design, Ventures Studio

"I am excited to work at the intersection of innovation and financial services. I see the need for technological solutions to individual, business and city-wide financial issues, and am looking forward to building those solutions."


Brand, Motion Graphics, Product Design, Front-End Development


Jonathan is a multi-disciplinary designer who loves to create—whether it’s brand, motion graphics, product design, or front-end development. He aims to find the underlying truths in what he’s making and use those truths to create emergent systems.

Before joining Citi Ventures, Jonathan worked with IBM, Nike, New York Philharmonic, AIGA, ABB, Blue Shield, The Oakland A’s, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, and Six Flags.

Jonathan grew up in California’s Central Valley in a community that struggles economically, and as a now-long-time resident of the Bay Area has witnessed the sharp rise in inequality first-hand. When he’s not designing Jonathan likes to make music, chill with his cats, learn a new hobby like sewing, or take walks around Lake Merritt in Oakland.