Daniela Busse


“I thrive on understanding and re-imagining experiences for our customers, while continuously exploring and envisioning the role of technology in people’s everyday lives.”

Daniela Busse focuses on research and incubation of breakthrough, design-led innovation and future experiences at the Citi Innovation Network.

In the past, Daniela served as Design Futurist/Innovation Director at Samsung Research America, as UX Director at SAP’s Office of the CEO, and as Design Researcher at Microsoft’s Office Design Group. Through her award-winning work, she defines ground-breaking new uses and designs for technologies, for future roadmap ideation and product experience incubation.

Daniela Busse received her Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction/complex systems analysis & design from Glasgow University’s Department of Computing Science (Scotland, UK), and also her summa cum laude degrees in both Computing Science and Psychology. She holds multiple patents, is a sought-after speaker, and has published frequently in the field of UX Design, Research, and Innovation.